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We Hebsters state that community, quality and ambition are the values that can be seen in everyday actions in HEBS and also in every HEBS member. These three values are the fundamental pillars that keep HEBS together and act as guidelines for our operations through external and internal activities.

In the following, we want to describe and explain to you in a more profound level what this means for us and how it can be seen in Hebsters' everyday life!


Friendships, studies, events, Instagram posts, conversations…  – you name it but the one thing in common is quality. We, Hebsters, like when things are in order and well thought out. We believe that doing less but with better quality leads to success in life and career. Messing around does not get you anywhere and that’s why you should make a plan, have your goals clear and BOOM! – you’re already one step closer to them. ’Quality over quantity’ is always the motto of every single Hebster!


There are approximately 300 students in EBS Helsinki which is a rather small amount compared to other universities. We at HEBS turn that into one of our strengths and instead of competing against our fellow students, we form a small but tight community where you actually get to know your classmates. We help each other deal with our ups and downs, both at school and in personal life. Building our community, not necessarily larger but rather closer, is also one of our main focus points this year and one of the reasons why we created this new Freshmen Committee to be able to unite new students with the older ones. The meaning of this community is basically that you can sit with us!


As mentioned, we are a relatively small and new community but so what? That does not prevent us from reaching the sky. Actually, it makes us even hungrier and we have an endless drive to achieve our goals and show other people who we are. There is no such thing as a dream too big for a Hebster and we believe that with hard work you can achieve anything. We are proud of our background and happy to spread the word about HEBS and EBS Helsinki all over the world!

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